1st Grade Science Worksheets

Importance of 1st grade science worksheets & science worksheets for 1st grade

Through the first class science worksheets, students are explained the main points related to science ss related to Earth, in the life of animals,about our space etc. Science worksheets prove to be useful for students to understand in a simple way. The first grade science worksheet should be created interesting so that the students are not bored and their full attention is on their worksheet. We all know well that the 1st grade grade student is thrilling, he is always excited for what he will now learn new. Therefore, to maintain their curiosity of student, the worksheet should be made like that the students feel good at studying. Here in this article we try to mention quick list of various important 1st grade science worksheets & science worksheets for 1st grade quiz questions answers.

List of 1st grade science worksheets & first grade science worksheets

Qus:How many planets are part of our solar system?
Ans: 8

Qus:Forces create what?
Ans: Motion

Qus:The North and North pole of a magnet will do what?
(a) Repel/push away
(b)Fly Away
(c)They won’t do anything
(d)Attract/stick together
Ans: Repel/push away

Qus:In most humans, our center of gravity is near where?
(a)Our belly buttons
(b)Our feet
(c)Our chest
(d)Our head
Ans: Our belly buttons

Qus:What happens when your center of balance is not equal?
(b)Fall over
(c)Float in air
Ans: Fall over

Qus:The South and South pole of a magnet will do what?
(a)Attract/stick together
(b)They will do nothing
(c)Repel/push away
(d) Fly away
Ans: Repel/push away

Qus:Rahul is playing with a magnet. Which item will the magnet be attracted to?
(a)Rubber band
(b)Cloth Towel
(c)Iron Nail
(d)Plastic Spoon
Ans: Iron Nail

Qus:What is the force that keeps us from floating in the air?
(a)Glue Shoes
Ans: Gravity

Free Printable Science Worksheets for 1st Grade

Qus:What is a scientist called that studies the way things move?
Ans: Physicist

Qus:Where does the light from the moon come from?
(a)The moon doesn’t have light on it.
(b)The moon gives off its own light.
(c)The sun
(d)Someone shines a flashlight on it.
Ans: The sun

Qus:What is the moon called when it is as big and bright as it can get?
(a)Man on the moon
(b)New Moon
(d)Full Moon
Ans: Full Moon

Qus:What is the sun?
(a)Lots of lightning
(b)A star
(c)A black hole
(d)A bright flashlight
Ans: A star

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