ACT Exams Test Registration Date, Eligibility, Syllabus

ACT Exams 2017-2018 Registration Test Date, Eligibility, Pattern, Syllabus

What is ACT Exams?

The ACT exam is one of the consistent entrance tests that are administered by the non-profit ACT to establish the college readiness of a high school student. ACT is also known as American College Testing.  ACT test was introduced as a participant to the SAT in the year of 1959; both tests are very closely mirroring each other in their objective. Since the last five years, these both Exam test (ACT Exams Test and SAT Exams Test) are accepted by approximately all different types of major universities for undergraduate student admissions in the United State.

ACT Exam Dates 2017-2018

The International exams test dates for ACT can be easily found on its official website, which they regularly update every year according to exams update. The ACT test 2017 is conducted on international students have 5 and six ACT test for national students. ACT test dates agreed in total, and three of them fall in the month of Sept. to Dec. season. In common, interested students require registering for the test at least one month prior to the ACT test date. If you desire to be on the safer side, it is suitable to appear for it first in month of April to June to have a time-window for enhancement in the usually swift fall period. That would allocate for too much time to study from your misprint and practice a plan for new strengths building, in case if you take a decision to sit for the ACT exam 2017 for the second time in the fall period this is may be around the month of September.

ACT Exam 2017-2018: ACT Test Dates for US Candidates

ACT Exams Test DatesACT Registration (Without Late Fee)ACT Registration (With Late Fee)
9th September, 20174th August, 20175th -18th August, 2017
28th October, 201722th September, 2017Sept. 23rd – Oct. 6th , 2017
9th December, 20173rd November, 20174th -17th November, 2017
February 10, 2018*12th January, 201813th -19th January, 2018
14th April, 20189th March , 201810th -23rd March, 2018
9th June, 20184th May, 20185th -18th May, 2018
July 14, 2018*June 15, 201816th-22nd June, 2018
9th September, 20174th August, 2017August 5-18, 2017
28th October, 201722nd September, 2017September 23-October 6, 2017
9th December, 20173rd November, 2017November 4-17, 2017
10th February, 2018*12th January, 2018January 13-19, 2018
14th April, 20189th March, 2018March 10-23, 2018
9th June 9, 20184th May, 2018May 5-18, 2018
14th July, 2018*15th June, 2018June 16-22, 2018
8th September, 2018NANA
27th October, 2018NANA
8th December, 2018NANA

ACT Exam 2017-2018: ACT Test Dates for Outside the United State (US):

ACT Test Date 2017-2018Registration Deadline Date 2017-2018
8th April, 20173rd March, 2017
10th June, 20175th May, 2017
9th September, 20174th August, 2017
28th October, 201722nd September, 2017
9th December, 20173rd November, 2017
14th April, 20189th March, 2018
9th June, 20184th May, 2018

ACT Test 2017 Eligibility Criteria

The Key fact of ACT Test 2017 eligibility criteria are includes:

  1. There are no precise ACT eligibility criteria to take the ACT test and ACT Test 2017 can be attempted by students of all ages and grade levels.
  2. Every interested student instead needs to get together the ACT Test 2017 requirements set by individual colleges or university that they are applying to.
  3. Being an ACT test 2017, it is generally taken by high school, graduates and those above the age of thirteen (13th) years.
  4. Interested students can take the ACT test 2017 a maximum of 12 times.

ACT Exams 2017 Fees

ACT Exams 2017 without writing component costs $42.50 (US), whereas ACT exams 2017-2018 costs $58.50 including writing component. However, in the present time there is an additional $51 international testing fee. As most of the international students choose for the writing component as well, that time the total fees is $110. If you looking for more details about ACT Exams 2017 Fees then you can visit on their official website.

ACT Exams 2017-2018 Registration

Online mode is one of the most common and fastest ways to register for ACT test 2017-2018; interested students also have the alternative of registering through mail. Now check the quick process of ACT Test 2017 register below.

ACT Exams 2017 Registration Steps

  1. Create your ACT web account on its official website
  2. Now Login to ACT web account with the help of correct ID or Password and fill in registration details
  3. After completing the registration process you need to Pay ACT 2017 Registration Fee

 Important Notice: ACT test 2017 online registration will allow you to:

  • Select ACT test centers and manage your ACT Exams 2017 dates
  • Student also track of your score card and also download reports which is available in PDF format
  • You can Correct the all information on your account
  • Every student easily Add and remove any colleges where you desire to send your reports
ACT Test Pattern 2017-2018

According to the ACT Exams pattern 2017, the time duration of the ACT test 2017-2018 is 2 hours 55 minutes. The ACT test 2017 contained the 215 multiple-choice questions. Those candidates, for the optional writing (essay) test have extra 40 minutes. But in the ACT Exams 2017 (no writing) consists of four various key subject area these are,

  1. Mathematics,
  2. English,
  3. Reading

ACT Test Pattern: ACT Test Pattern 2017-2018

ComponentNumber of Question/TasksTime Allotted (minutes)
Mathematics6060 minutes
Reading4035 minutes
Science4035 minutes
English7545 minutes
Writing (optional essay)One writing prompt40 minutes
Total215 (216 including the optional essay)2 hours and 55 minutes (additional 40 minutes for the Essay)

ACT Exams 2017 Result:

The ACT Test 2017 result is generally obtainable at the end of 2nd week from the last ACT exams test date, while result for ACT Test 2017 with text (optional) takes two extra weeks.