Canadian History Trivia Quizzes Questions Answers

Canadian History Quiz Questions Answers

Canada is a country in northern part of North America. Its 10 provinces and 3 territories stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and north to the Arctic Ocean. Canada is a land area of 9.98 million square kilometers, which makes it the world’s fourth largest country in the world’s second largest country by the vision of the area. The Canadian border with the United States is one of the world’s longest land borders. The country’s climate is mostly cold, but the southern part of the country is much warmer in the summer. Of the 36 million population, 4/5 people live near the southern surface in urban areas. The capital of Canada is Ottawa, whose largest capital is Toronto, as well as the main urban areas of the country include Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Quebec City, Winnipeg and Hamilton.

In 1931, Canada fully gained independence with the laws of Westminster from the United Kingdom (1931), and when Canada Act-1982 was removed, then sovereignty came into the country and relied on the Parliament of Canada’s United Kingdom The practice also ended. Canada is a federal parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy, in which Queen Elizabeth was the head of the second state. At the federal level, the country is officially bilingual. It is one of the most ethnic diversity and very cultural countries in the world, where people from large numbers come from abroad.
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List of Top 10 Canadian History Questions Answers

Qus: Who said these words“You are a big country. You are the kindest country in the world. You are like a really nice apartment over a meth lab.”
(a)Salman Rushdie       (b)Robin Williams
(c)Angela Merkel        (d)None of these
Ans: Robin Williams

Qus: Which national park system was introduced in 1885 by MacDonald?
(a)Banff National Park, Alberta
(b)Fundy National Park, New Brunswick,
(c)Thousand Islands National Park, Ontario
(d)None of these
Ans: Banff National Park, Alberta

Qus: Which tourist destination is not among Canada’s 18 UN-designated World Heritage Sites?
(a)Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Alberta
(b)Niagara Falls, Ont.
(c)Rideau Canal, Ont.
(d)Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta
Ans: Niagara Falls, Ont.

Qus: Where was the group United Farmers of Alberta (UFA, 1909) created?
(a)Edmonton     (b)Saskatoon       (c)Winnipeg         (d)None of these
Ans: Edmonton

Qus: Where was the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF, 1932), forerunner to today’s New Democratic Party, created?
(a)Calgary        (b)Lethbridge        (c)Edmonton           (d)None of these
Ans: Calgary

Qus: Canada’s largest Indigenous population, accounting for about one-fifth of the total, is located in?
(a)British Columbia         (b)Ontario      (c)Manitoba         (d)None of these
Ans: Ontario

Qus: Which is the officially bilingual province of Canada?
(a)Quebec        (b)New Brunswick
(c)Manitoba        (d)None of these
Ans: New Brunswick

Qus: In what year did Canada become the fourth country in the world, and the first outside Europe, to legally recognize same-sex marriage?
(a)2005          (b)2008
(c)1997 (d)2012
Ans: 2005

Qus: Canada’s first French-Canadian governor general, serving from 1959 to 1967
(a)Georges Vanier         (b)George-Étienne Cartier
(c)Ernest Lapointe        (d)None of these
Ans: Georges Vanier

Qus: Canada has the world’s most?
(a)Fresh-water marinas             (b)Salt-water coastline
(c)Urban parkland per person      (d)None of these
Ans: Salt-water coastline

Important Canadian History Quizzes, Trivia, Questions & Answers

Qus: Library Square in Vancouver was designed by which Canadian architect in 1995?
(a)Moshe Safdie           (b)Phyllis Lambert
(c)Bruce Kuwabara       (d)None of these
Ans: Moshe Safdie

Qus: The real-life inspiration for Stephen Leacock’s fictional town of Mariposa was?
(a)Belleville, Ont.           (b)Orillia, Ont.
(c)Peterborough, Ont.        (d)None of these
Ans: Orillia, Ont.

Qus: The company that pioneered passenger air travel in Canada was?
(a)Trans-Canada Air Lines             (b)Canadian Airways Ltd.
(c)Yellowknife Airways Ltd.         (d)None of these
Ans: Canadian Airways Ltd.

Qus: Which astronaut went on to become a federal cabinet minister?
(a)Chris Hadfield           (b)Roberta Bondar
(c)Marc Garneau           (d) Julie Payette
Ans: Marc Garneau

Qus: The discovery of crude oil in Leduc, Alta. kicked off the boom in Western Canada’s vast reserves of conventional oil. In which year did this occur?
(a)1949       (b)1947     (c)1950       (d)1941
Ans: 1947

Qus: Heavy-oil production was launched at Fort McMurray in 1967. Where in the world rankings do Canada’s oil reserves stand?
(a)fifth, after Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Iran
(b)second, after Saudi Arabia
(c)Third, after Venezuela and Saudi Arabia
(d)None of these
Ans: Third, after Venezuela and Saudi Arabia

Qus: Where was the Bloody Caesar cocktail invented?
(a)Churchill, Man. circa 1951          (b)Calgary Inn (now the Calgary Westin), 1969
(c)Chilliwack, B.C., 1972            (d)None of these
Ans: Calgary Inn (now the Calgary Westin), 1969

Qus: Where were beaver tail pastries invented?
(a)Winkler, Man., 1979            (b)Miramichi, N.B., 1982
(c)Killaloe, Renfrew County, Ont., 1978             (d)None of these
Ans: Killaloe, Renfrew County, Ont., 1978

Canadian History Quiz with Answers Printable

Qus: Where were Nanaimo bars invented?
(a)Vancouver Island, 1953              (b)Nanaimo, 1960
(c)Dawson Creek, 1950                (d)None of these
Ans: Vancouver Island, 1953

Qus: Gold medalist Nancy Greene won her medal in which sport?
(a)Curling, 1998 Nagano games
(b)Skiing, 1968 Grenoble game
(c)Figure skating, 2002 Salt Lake City games
(d)None of these
Ans: Skiing, 1968 Grenoble game

Qus: Gold medalists the Winnipeg Shamrocks won their gold medal in which sport?
(a)Rowing, 1976 Montreal games              (b)Curling, 2006 Turin games
(c)lacrosse, 1904 St. Louis games              (d)None of these
Ans: lacrosse, 1904 St. Louis games

Qus: Gold medalist Catriona LeMay Doan won in which sport?
(a)Downhill skiing, 2010 Vancouver games
(b)speed-skating, 1998 Nagano games, 2002 Salt Lake City games
(c)Diving, 2000 Syndey games
(d)None of these
Ans: speed-skating, 1998 Nagano games, 2002 Salt Lake City games

Qus: Where is Sidney Crosby’s hometown?
(a)Cole Harbour, N.S.               (b)Barrie, Ont.
(c)Edmonton, Alta.              (d)None of these
Ans: Cole Harbour, N.S.

Qus: Where was NHL star Jean Béliveau born?
(a)Regina, Sask.             (b)Ste. Agathe
(c)Trois-Rivières             (d)None of these
Ans: Trois-Rivières
Qus: Which of the following is not one of the original provinces that joined together in Confederation in 1867?
(a)Quebe                (b)New Brunswick
(c)Prince Edward Island             (d)Nova Scotia
Ans: Prince Edward Island

Qus: Which city was Bobby Orr born in?
(a)Smiths Falls, Ont.           (b)Parry Sound, Ont
(c)Halifax, N.S.                  (d)None of these
Ans: Parry Sound, Ont

Qus: Who is credited with establishing the first permanent European settlement in what became Canada?
(a)Jacques Cartier            (b)Samuel de Champlain
(c)Henry Hudson              (d)Christopher Columbus
Ans: Samuel de Champlain

Qus: In which Canadian city was NHL star Wendel Clark born?
(a)Kelvington, Sask.             (b)Winnipeg, Man.
(c)Nanaimo, B.C.             (d)None of these
Ans: Kelvington, Sask.

Qus: Which province was first to grant women the right to vote?
(a)British Columbia               (b)Manitoba
(c)Ontario                    (d)Nova Scotia
Ans: Manitoba

Canada Quiz – What do you know about Canada?

Qus: During the Second World War, thousands of Canadians were forcibly evacuated from the West Coast of Canada because of their ethnic origin. Who were these Canadians?
(a)Japanese            (b)German
(c) Polish              (d)Italian
Ans: Japanese

Qus: Who was Canada’s longest serving Prime Minister?
(a)William Lyon Mackenzie King             (b)Sir Robert Borden
(c)Sir Wilfrid Laurier              (d)John Diefenbaker
Ans: William Lyon Mackenzie King

Qus: How many Canadians were killed in World War I?
(a)60,000              (b)40,000
(c)10,000               (d)80,000
Ans: 60,000

Qus: During the War of 1812, General Isaac Brock won battles with the collaboration of which Indigenous leader?
(a)Poundmaker (b)Tecumseh
(c)Big Bear (d)Joseph Brant
Ans: Tecumseh

Qus: What does the word Inuit mean?
(a)“Our land”            (b) “The North”
(c)”Place of many fish”           (d)“The people”
Ans: “The people”

Qus: What year did Canada enact a free trade agreement with the United States?
(a)1988              (b)1982
(c)1967             (d)1994
Ans: 1988

Qus: What was the name of the route to Canada taken by blacks escaping slavery in the US?
(a)Underground Railway            (b)TransCanada Highway
(c)St. Lawrence Seaway            (d)None of these
Ans: Underground Railway

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