England Fact for Kids & British Facts

England Facts for Kids

Welcome to England. Here you learn some exciting information about the USA. We provide you all information of fun facts that’s very useful for kids. On this post you read all about the United States history, its population, how many states in USA, its economy, mountains, all rivers information, popular sports and much more.

Interesting Facts about England for Kids

England is the country of king and queen; they help us to understand the interesting history of country England. England is the part of United Kingdom; it’s combined of Great Britain, Scotland and Wales. England is famous for his beauty and also known for being green and a very cold place.

England Facts for Kids and Interesting Information for England

England Population- 51 million people lived in England.

England Capital and famous City– London is the capital city of England.

England Flag- England flag is a white background with a solid cross red strip, and another solid red strip going up and down in the middle. This is the symbol of Saint George’s cross.

England currency- England uses the pound £ sterling for their money.

England climate and weather- England weather can be summed up in two words-mild and varied. Every minute its change, one minute it can be sunshine, next it can be cloudy and raining. South area is the warmest part of country England.

England Facts for Kids: England Interesting Facts for Kids 

Exciting facts about England landscape-

  • England has around 2,000 miles of coastline.
  • No place in England is more than 75 miles (120 km) from the coast.
  • England’s longest river is the river Thames at 215 miles long.
  • England highest mountain is Scafell Pike 3,209 feet (978 mtr). It can be found in the Lake District in the North of England.

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