First Grade Science Lesson

Learn About 1st Grade Science Lessons & First Grade Science Lesson

We all know that children are very innocent and naughty, when their first grade of education starts, they are very excited. Children are eager to know that they will get to learn something new, they will do their studies with great fun. First class is a stage where children are very excited, we must adopt some special method to teach them something new. Parents have the desire that they teach their child in a particular way, which can be easily understood. But parents should also keep in mind that some intrusting methods should be adopted to teach children, like they should learn by creating a song on the body part of the science, maths should understand through the game. For the first grade, the First Grade Science Lesson should be done in such a way that it does not have its presses on the children, without any difficulty, they can do their studies.

List of First Grade Science Lesson based Questions Answers

Qus:what does an elk feed on
(a)Grass and Flesh (b)Flesh (c)Insects (d)Grass
Ans: Grass

Qus:If you and your mom measured the length of a table with your hands, why might your numbers be different?
(a)The table grew in size
(b)The table shrunk in size
(c)Your mom’s hands are probably smaller
(d)Your mom’s hands are probably bigger
Ans: Your mom’s hands are probably bigger

Qus:Which of the following tools would not be used as a standard measurement?
(a)Ruler (b)Yard Stick (c)Graduated Cylinder (d)Hands
Ans: Hands

Qus:What weighs more, 1 pound of bricks or 1 pound of feathers?
(a)1 pound of bricks is way heavier than 1 pound of feathers
(b)We don’t measure weight in pounds.
(c)1 pound of feathers is way heavier than 1 pound of bricks
(d)1 pound is equal, so its the same weight
Ans: 1 pound is equal, so its the same weight

Qus:If I just bought a scale that weighs up to 100 pounds, which animal would I not want to put on the scale so it doesn’t break?
Ans: Whale

Qus:If you add 10 pounds of rocks to 10 pounds of water. How much will the total be?
(a)30 pounds
(b)10 pounds
(c)20 pounds
(d)40 pounds
Ans: 20 pounds

Qus:What is the unit of measurement used to measure your weight?
Ans: Pounds

Qus:If you see a plant starting to wilt, what could you try giving it?
(a)More hugs
(b)More darkness
(c)More sunlight
(d)More worms
Ans: More sunlight

Qus:Which of the following do plants need to survive?
Ans: Water

Qus:What component of soil absorbs the most water?
(d)None of these
Ans: Clay

Important Quiz for 1st Grade Science Lessons

Qus:Which earth material would it be best to plant flowers?
Ans: Soil

Qus:What don’t we use plants for?
(b)Watching TV
Ans: Watching TV

Qus:What can sand be made from?
(a)Dead Sticks
(b)Dead leaves
(c)Untouched boulders
(d)Broken down rocks
Ans: Broken down rocks

Qus:What does it mean when a magnet sticks to a rock?
(a)The rock has glue on it
(b)It contains iron
(c)They are in love
(d)The rock is sticky
Ans: It contains iron

Qus:What is an animal you might find in the soil?
Ans: Worms

Qus:What is the outside layer of the Earth called where we find the most rocks?
(c)Inner Core
Ans: Crust

Qus:What was the best way to classify our rocks?
(a)By touch
(b)By hardness
(c)By color
(d)By smell
Ans: By color

Frequently Asked Quiz Which is based on Science Lessons for 1st Grade

Qus:How long does it take the Earth to rotate once?
(a)1 month
(b)1 year
(c)1 day
(d)1 minute
Ans: 1 day

Qus:How long does it take the moon to revolve around Earth?
(a)1 month
(b)1 day
(c)1 year
(d)1 minute
Ans: 1 month

Qus:What is a scientist called who studies space on Earth?
Ans: Astronomer

Qus:What are groups of stars that look like pictures called?
Ans: Constellations

Qus:What object in space do all of the planets orbit around?
(a)The Moon
(b)The Sun
Ans: The Sun

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