Florida Trivia Quiz Questions Answers

Florida Quiz: Florida Trivia Questions Answers

Florida is one of the very popular states in United State, which is located in the southeastern region of the United States. The state of Florida is shared, it bordered with Mexico, Alabama, Georgia, Atlantic Ocean, Straits and Cuba. The state, Florida is the 22nd-most extensive state in United State. It is the 3rd-most populous state, and the eight most densely populated state in the US. Tallahassee is the state capital of Florida. The Miami area is the most populous urban area in the State and Jacksonville is the most populous municipality in the state. The Tallahassee is one of the largest cities by area in the nearby United States.

Top Florida Trivia Questions Answer:

Quiz: What is the state Motto of Florida State?
Ans: In God we Trust

Quiz: What is the state song of Florida?
Ans: “Old Folks at Home (State Song)

Quiz: What is the State Anthem of Florida?
Answer: Where the Sawgrass Meets the Sky”

Quiz: Office language of Florida is?
Ans: English

Quiz: Commonly Spoken languages in Florida?
Ans: English; Spanish is spoken by a sizable minority

Quiz: Capital city of Florida is?
Answer: Tallahassee

Quiz: Largest city in Florida is:
Answer: Jacksonville

Quiz: Largest metro name is?
Answer: Miami metro area

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Trivia Quiz of Florida which is based on Area

Quiz: Area Ranked of Florida is?
Answer: 22nd

Quiz: What is the Total area of Florida?
Answer: 65,755 sq mi or (170,304 km2)

Quiz: Total Width of Florida?
Answer: 361 miles (582 km)

Quiz: Total Length of Florida?
Answer: 447 miles (721 km)

Quiz: Total percentage of % water in of Florida?
Answer: 17.9

Quiz: What is the Latitude?
Answer: 24° 27′ N to 31° 00′ N

Quiz: What is the Longitude?
Answer: 80° 02′ W to 87° 38′ W

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