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Online Internet Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers 

basic Internet Trivia Quiz Questions

Question: What are the advantages of internet?

Question: what are the disadvantages of internet?

Question: what is the file transfer protocol?

Question: what are the communication tools?

Question: what are the multimedia tools?

Question: what are the information search tools?

Internet Trivia Questions Answers:

Question: What is web browser?

Question: What is the web page?

Question: What is a web browser?

Question: Who is an internet service provider?

Question: Where are the websites placed?

Question: What are the search engines?

Question: How to connect to the internet?

Question: how to access the internet?

Question: how to line one page to another webpage?

Question: How to disconnect from internet?

Question: What is Email?

Question: What is telnet?

Question: What is Usenet?

Question: What is the full form of WWW?

Question: what is the World Wide Web?

Question: What is difference between website, web page and web browser?