Top 100 New Year Quotes & Sayings Wishes 2018

Happy New Year Quotes, Sayings, Wishes, Massages 2018

New Year is the time at which a New Year calendar is begins and various cultures celebrate the New Year event in all over the world. All over the world people celebrate that particular moment. According to the Gregorian calendar New Year’s will be start 1 January in all over the world. New Year is one of the most popular occasions in USA and all over the world. Many people throughout USA celebrate this festive occasion with loved ones or in large gatherings. In the occasions of New Year all people greet their wishes to each other or exchanging wishing messages, greeting cards and gifts to their relatives, friends and family members.

Funny New Year Quotes

New Year Quotes and sayings 2018

1.  Happiness comes in your Life in this New Year, and we pray to God to bring success. Lot of good wishes for New Year

2. Every time the New Year comes, we pray that you get everything that your heart wants this year. Happy New Year to you!

3. New Year, new this morning, and pray each beam illuminate your life -. Happy New Year too much.

4. In this New Year, your every wish is fulfilled and God give you happiness-in latch lumps compliments, you Happy New Year!

5. New year, new hopes, new ideas and new start-God make Your every wish becomes reality! Wish you a very Happy New Year.

6. With the dawn of the New Year, filled with top-wished that your life will also illuminate to you and your family. Wish you very Happy New Year

7. My blessings to you in the coming year bring happiness in all 12 month, won the 52-week and 365 days of the New Year, a lot of fun to be good luck. Wish you Happy New Year

8. Before the sun sets on the old year, calendar and mythology is lost, before someone compliments you involved, we pray that the coming years are very fantastic for you. Wish you Happy New Year too much.

9. Happiness kiss you every step of the world and we pray to God the whole world, follow you or behind you every success in the New Year. Happy New Year to you too much.

10. In this New Year, we are very happy to pray and keep others happy. Wish your hearty New Year’s.

11. In this New Year, all the happiness you give it to God and ask that you please remove all sorrows. Wish you a very hearty New Year’s.

12. At the heart of each one, the other, love, and happiness coming years and this year’s festival, Happy New Year to everybody who comes again and again. New Year to you and your family warm Hearty congratulations. Wish you very Happy New Year.

13. In this new year, you joined your every wish is fulfilled and God fill-in your life with a lot of happiness, Wish you a very Happy New Year!

14. Day B Day becomes your happiness are double, Al trouble should be deleted from your life. God always makes you Smart & Fit, And you super-Duper hit the New Year. Wish you lots of very Happy New year.

15. The dawn of the new year, Just bring happiness and joy! Be erased all the darkness of the mind,  Illuminating every moment just happens! happy New Year

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