Printable Science Curriculum for 2nd Grade

Free Printable Science Worksheets for 2nd Grade

In second grade curriculum, students are explained to the science around them, such as animal routine, gas present in the environment, weather information etc. In order to understand science in a better way should choose an interesting medium, which will make it easier for students to understand, and this medium may be practically explained to science, not verbally. Science can be explained by demonstrating processes, including equipment. And this method is liked as well, which makes them interested in science.

List of Second Grade Science Curriculum Based Questions

Qus: Dr.” is an abbreviation for?
Ans: Doctor

Qus: Mixing the primary colors yellow and red makes which secondary color?
Ans: Orange

Qus: What does the prefix “anti-” mean?
Ans: Against

Qus: What is the tube to your stomach called?
Ans: Esophagus

Qus: What is a scientist called that studies sound?
(c)Acoustical Engineer
Ans: Acoustical Engineer

Qus: What is the word used to describe how loud or quiet a sound is?
Ans: Volume

2nd Grade Science Curriculum Based Questions Answers

Qus: What body part vibrates to create your voice?
(d)Vocal cords
Ans: Vocal cords

Qus: How does sound move?
(c)Sound doesn’t travel
(d)Straight Line
Ans: Waves

Qus: Sound travels through which of the following?
(a)Only solids
(b)Only Gases
(c)Only Liquids
(d)All of the above
Ans: All of the above

Qus:What is another name for the tympanic membrane?
(a)Ear bones
(c)Ear drum
(d)Ear canal
Ans: Ear drum

Qus:What does an anemometer measure?
(b)Wind speed
(c)Air Pressure
Ans:Wind speed

Qus: Which of the following is a component of all clouds?
Ans: Water

Qus:What does a wind vane tell us about the wind?
(a)Where it is going
(b)its name
(c)Where it is coming from
(d)How strong it is
Ans: Where it is coming from

Qus:If I boil water what will happen to the amount of water I have?
(b)Changes color
(c)Stay the same
Ans: Decrease

Qus:What does salt do to ice?
(a)Turns to gas
(b)Melts it
(c)Makes it evaporate
(d)Makes it harder
Ans: Melts it

Common Quiz Which is Based on Science Curriculum for 2nd Grade

Qus:Which of the following animals has a different life cycle than the rest?
Ans: Frogs

Qus:What is an animal that eats other animals called?
(d)Big ol meanie
Ans: Predator

Qus:What do slow vibrations cause?
(a)High Pitch
(b)Quiet Volume
(c)Low Pitch
(d)Loud Volume
Ans: Low Pitch

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