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What is the SAT Entrance Exam and Why is it Important?

SAT Exams is one of the most important entrance exams and also known as Scholastic Aptitude Test; which is created by the Board of College, the SAT entrance exam generally used by most of colleges and universities to make new admissions decisions. The SAT Entrance exam is offered nationwide every year in different month such as; in month of October, November, December, January, March, in month of May and in month of June. The SAT entrance exams are providing to colleges with one ordinary decisive factor that can be used to compare all aspirants. However, it is one of the most important factors in the admissions decision. The weight placed on Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores varies from school to school. If you are interested and looking for more specific information about SAT entrance exams 2017 -2018 just contact the admissions offices directly. Here in this post everyone easily get the quick overview about the SAT exams 2017-2018. View all upcoming SAT test dates and so many others necessary information.

SAT Exams 2017 Eligibility Criteria:

In present time there are no detailed SAT exams eligibility criteria 2017-2018 for taking the SAT Entrance Exams test. Since it is taken for any undergraduate admissions in different colleges, applicants are advised to take the SAT Entrance Exams test when they are study in senior high school. There is no specific age limit as such; candidates can take the SAT Exams for admission as well for seeking economic help.

SAT 2017 Registration

The SAT test 2017 – 2018 is offered seven times each year in the United State and six times in internationally. There are two different ways to register for SAT Entrance exams 2017- fist is Online and second is by mail. Although, SAT registering online is one of the easiest ways to apply for SAT Test, you have to also register by the way of mail if your age is under 13 years. Students may choose their favorite exams centers and dates while registering for SAT Exams 2017-2018 on the College Board website.

SAT Test Dates 2017-18 (U.S.)

SAT Exams Date

SAT Test Dates 2017-18 (International)

SAT Exams Date international

SAT Test 2017-2018 Registration fees

If you decided to take the SAT test 2017-2018, the SAT registration 2017-2018 cost would be $54.50 (US Dollar). However, if you opt out of the Essay, that time your SAT Test fee would be $43 (US Dollar). For any international students who taking the test outside the US, an extra $49 (US Dollar) is added to the SAT registration fees. The basic registration fee is $26 for SAT subject test. Aspirant has to add $26 US Dollar for SAT language tests with listening and $18 US Dollar for other tests. Detailed information’s is giving bellow.

Important Information about SAT Registration

Applicant need to apply SAT Exams before the last date in the United States and U.S. territories.

U.S. SAT Exams registration materials that are mailed should be postmarked by the U.S. deadlines and deadlines expire at 11:59 p.m. according to Eastern Time, U.S.

Additional charges should be apply on fees if you register late, change your exams center, exams date, or switch from taking the SAT exams after its registering.

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