Science Trivia Quizzes & 6th Grade science Questions Answer

Best Science Trivia Quiz for 6th Grade Kids & 6th Grade science Questions Answer

Whenever any students entering the fourth 6th grade are in completely new stage of learning various new subjects and science is one of them. Usually, 6th grade marks the change from learning to read, to reading to learn all various subjects. From 6th grade on Kids or students should be able to know more and more complex words and word or number counts correctly and automatically. Are your any kids or student ready? Take these 6th Grade science Questions Answer or Science Trivia for 6th grade Kids.

Qus: Who gave Quantum Theory?
(a)Max Planck         (b)Jan Ingenhousz
(c)Mendeleev           (d)None of these
Ans: Max Planck

Qus: Whose unit is decib?
(a)Heat          (b)Sound
(c)Light         (d)Electricity
Ans: Sound

Qus: Name the device used to measure the flow of electricity?
(a)Electrometer      (b)Galvanometer
(c)Ammeter           (d)Spectrometer
Ans: Ammeter

Qus: How many liters of blood is there on a healthy person’s body?
(a)8 liters             (b)4 liters
(c)5 liters             (d)6 liters
Ans: 5 liters

Qus: Where is the enzyme amylase found in the body?
(a)Salivary glands of the mouth             (b)Pancreatic
(c)Bowel gland           (d)None of these
Ans: Salivary glands of the mouth

Qus: Dengue fever is caused by which mosquito bite?
(a)Anaphylish female mosquito          (b)Culex mosquito
Ans: Culex mosquito

Qus: What is the full name of AIDS?
Ans: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Qus: What is the full name of HIV?
Ans: Human immunodeficiency virus

Qus: Who first invented the measles vaccine?
(a)John Enders (b) Rutherford
(c) Mendeleev (d)None of these
Ans: John Enders

Important Science Trivia for 6th Grade Kids

Q-Acids are found in many common chemicals, including foods. Acids taste:
Q-When wind blows, the most likely cause is:
Ans- uneven heating of the Earth

Q-Morning dew is an example of which portion of the water cycle?
Ans- condensation

Q-The food or chemical energy source made by plants through photosynthesis is?

Q-Which of the following instruments is used to check temperature
Thermometer | Voltmeter | Barometer | Speedometer

Q-which is the longest bone in the body?

Q-The basic SI unit of mass is the?

Q-Which mirror shows lateral inversion of light?
Ans-Plane mirror

6th Grade science Questions Answer for Kids

Question: The symbol of Nitrogen is?
Answer: N

Question: The symbol of Sodium is?
Answer: Na

Question: The symbol of Potassium is?
Answer: K

Question: The symbol of Calcium is?
Answer: Ca

Question: The symbol of Oxygen is?
Answer: O

Question: The symbol of helium is?
Answer: He

Question: The symbol of Aluminum is?
Answer: Al

Question: The symbol of Sulfur is?
Answer: S

Question: The symbol of chlorine is?
Answer: Cl

Question: The symbol of Arsenic is?
Answer: As

Science Trivia Quizzes for 6th Grade science Questions Answer

Questions: Heat energy flows from warmer objects to cooler objects it is true or falls?
Answer: True

Questions: What is the name of place where two bones join together>
Answer: Joint

Questions: What is important function of Cell Wall?
Answer: Protection and structure

Questions: Virus is living or nonliving?
Answer: Nonliving

Questions: What is the name of pigment which is very helpful for Photosynthesis?
Answer: Chloroplasts

6th Grade science Questions and answer for Kids

Question: Plants make their own food by the help of photosynthesis is correct or not?
Answer: Correct

Question: What is the name of part which is call powerhouse?
Answer: Mitochondria

Question: Mitochondria is powerhouse of cell is true or not?
Answer: True

Where is found the largest bone in the body?
Thigh bone

What is the largest bone name of Human body

Top 6th Grade Science Questions and answer for Kids

Question: what is the scientific name of White oak?
Answer: Quercus alba

Question: what is the scientific name of Lodgepole pine?
Answer: Pinus contorta

Question: what is the scientific name of Flowering dogwood?
Answer: Cornus florida

Question: what is the scientific name of Balsam fir?
Answer: Abies balsamea

Question: what is the scientific name of Sugar maple?
Answer: Acer saccharum

Question: what is the scientific name of Quaking aspen?
Answer: Populus tremuloides

Question: what is the scientific name of American sweetgum?
Answer: Liquidambar styraciflua

Question: what is the scientific name of Red maple?
Answer: Acer rubrum

Question: what is the scientific name of Tulip poplar?
Answer: Liriodendron tulipifera

Question: what is the scientific name of Sweetgum?
Answer: Liquidambar

Question: what is the scientific name of Black tupelo?
Answer: Nyssa sylvatica

6th Grade Science Questions & 6th Grade Science Trivia Questions Exercise

Questions: ___________ power uses windmills or turbines to create electricity.

Questions:  another word of water power is _____________.

Questions:  Renewable resources are resources that can be replaced by natural resources in a period less than ______ years. (50, 1000, 10, 100)

Questions:  The advantages to wind power are that they are renewable and _________.

Questions:  The advantage to water (Hydropower) is that it is _________ and nonpolluting. (Wet, abundant, renewable, fossil)

Questions:  the disadvantage to water (Hydropower) is that it is_____________. (Not widely available and destroys habitat for fish and wildlife, gets things wet, is hard to manage, is expensive)

Questions: _____________ is power from the sun.

Questions: ______________ uses trees, grasses and other organic sources to create electricity and fuel cars.

Important 6th Grade Science Questions & 6th Grade Science Quiz for Kids

Quiz: earth is located in which Galaxy?

  1. The milky way
  2. Andromeda
  3. Cigar

Quiz: does the sun orbit the earth?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Quiz: which planet is the smallest in the solar system?

  1. Neptune
  2. Venus
  3. Mercury

Quiz: The family of mustard is?

  1. Brassicaceae
  2. Poaeceae
  3. Rosaeeae
  4. Palmaceae

Quiz: closely related species are grouped together into?

  1. Family
  2. Genus
  3. Order
  4. Class

Quiz: Multicellular organisms having no cell wall and no chlorophyll are?

  1. Fungi
  2. Bacteria
  3. Animals
  4. Plants

Quiz: The scientific name of mustard plant?

  1. Rana tigrina
  2. Brassica campestris
  3. Homo sapiens
  4. None of them

Quiz: What was the work of Carolus Linnaeus?

  1. Introduced the taxa of class and species
  2. Introduced the taxon or order
  3. Divided plant into fifteen group and called them genera
  4. Grouped species according to similar physical characteristics

Quiz: Who suggested the term Prokaryotic to describe bacteria and Eukaryotic to describe animals and plants?

  1. Ernst Hackle
  2. E-Chatton
  3. John Ray
  4. Margulis

6th Grade Science Questions & 6th Grade Science Quiz Which is based on Chemistry:

Balance the following chemical equations:

Mg + N2 ————-à   Mg3 N2

KCIO3 —————-à  KCL + O2

HNO3 + Ca (OH)2 ————-à   Ca(NO3)2 + H2O

NaOH + H2SO4 —————-à  Na2SO4 + H2O

NaCl + AgNO3 ————-à   AgCl + NaNO3

BaCl2 + H2SO4 —————-à  BaSO4 + HCL

List of top Science Trivia Quiz for 6th Grade science Questions Answer

6th Grade Trivia Questions Based on Physics

Qus: What is the speed of sound in the air?
Ans: 343 mtr/sec

Qus: Why do not the clouds come down in the desert?
Ans: Due to low moisture

Qus: What is the use of transformer?
Ans: To increase or decrease the AC voltage

Qus: When did the invention of the barometer?
(a)1643 (b)1647
(c)1644 (d)1666
Ans: 1643

Qus: Who invented the barometer?
(a) Doctor Hoffman (b)Evangelista Torricelli
(c)Allantown van Luon Hawk (d)None of these
Ans: Evangelista Torricelli

Qus: When was the first modern model of bicycle made?
(a)1817 (b)1816 (c)1813 (d)1819
Ans: 1816

Qus: Who invented cholera vaccine?
(a)Doctor Hoffman (b)Evangelista Torricelli
(c)Robert Koch (d)None of these
Ans: Robert Koch

Qus: When did the discovery of cholera bacteria occur?
(a)1883 (b)1885 (c)1882 (d)1888
Ans: 1883

Qus: When was the invention of the pendulum clock?
(a)1656 (b)1659
(c)1657 (d)1666
Ans: 1656

Qus: Who invented pendulum clock?
(a)Christiaan Huygens (b)Robert Koch
(c)Evangelista Torricelli (d)None of these
Ans: Christiaan Huygens

Qus: Who invented the compact disc?
(a)James Russell (b)Robert Koch
(c)Christiaan Huygens (d)None of these
Ans: James Russell

Qus: Who discovered the DNA?
(a)James Watson and Francis Crick (b)James Russell
(c) Christiaan Huygens (d)None of these
Ans: James Watson and Francis Crick

Qus: When did the invention of dynamite?
(a)1867 (b)1888 (c)1886 (d)1865
Ans: 1867

Qus: Who discovered the dynamite?
(a) Christiaan Huygens (b)Alfred Nobel(c)James Russell (d)None of these
Ans: Alfred Nobel

Qus: Who invented email (electronic mail) in 1971?
(a)Ray Tomlinson (b)Christiaan Huygens
(c)Francis Crick (d)None of these
Ans: Ray Tomlinson

Qus: What is the main purpose of white blood cells?
(a)Carriage of nutrients (b)Combating Infection
(c)Oxygen carrying (d)None of these
Ans: Combating Infection

Qus: Which vitamin is helpful in blood clotting?
(a) Vitamin B1 (b) Vitamin D
(c) Vitamin B2 (d) Vitamin K
Ans: Vitamin K
Six(6th) grade Students read and write a broad range of text including various types of prose, drama, and so many more. In this section our well experienced and well educated team collects the huge number of science trivia quiz for 6th grade kids or science trivia questions for 6th grade kids and 6th Grade science Questions Answer. Just collect this huge list of Science Trivia Quizzes for your kids and increase your kid’s science knowledge’s.

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