United Kingdom (UK) Facts for Kids

UK (United Kingdom) Facts for Kids

Welcome to United Kingdom (UK). Here you find most important things about the United Kingdom, its built your knowledge. We provide you all information of fun facts that’s very useful for kids. On this post you read all about the UK History, its Population, its Economy, Mountains, all famous Rivers, Popular sports and more.

Interesting Facts about UK for Kids

United Kingdom known for its rich history and majestic civilization. United Kingdom also knowing its short name UK. UK country is combined of four smaller countries- England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. They all have their own flags; all have their own football team. UK (the United Kingdom) is situated to the north-west of continental Europe. The UK has a combined, self-governing government.

United Kingdom (UK) Facts for Kids and Interesting Information

  • The capital city of United Kingdom is London.
  • Area of UK-50,302 square miles (130,282 square kilometers)
  • The UK population is 64,231,000.
  • UK Currency: British pound.
  • The official flag of the United Kingdom-Union Jack.
  • The official name of the UK is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  • United Kingdom longest river River-Severn. Located in England and Wales, its length 354 k.m (220 miles).
  • The largest lake in UK is named Windermere

United Kingdom Facts for Kids: UK Interesting Facts for Kids 

  • UK highest mountain is Scafell Pike ( 978 mtr. in height (3,209 ft)
  • Tim Berners-Lee English computer scientist is credited with inventing the World Wide Web.
  • William Shakespeare is the most famous writer, who wrote Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and Hamlet.
  • Popular sport-Football (soccer), cricket and rugby.

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