United States of America (USA) Facts for Kids

Interesting Facts for Kids United States of America

Welcome to United State of America! Here you learn some exciting information about the USA. We provide you all information of fun facts that’s very useful for kids. On this post you read all about the United States history, its population, how many states in USA, its economy, mountains, all rivers information, popular sports and much more. The USA is the third largest country in world, made up of 50 states. Here are some famous cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York, and natural wonders including the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls and the Mississippi River. America is also called by the name of melting pot, the reason behind this here so many immigrant have come here from all over the world more than last 400 years.

United States of America (USA) Facts for Kids

Here we give you all important information about USA facts that’s perfect for kids.

Facts about the USA for Kids

  • The USA is also called by the name of United States of America, US, or sometime America.
  • The United States of America celebrate their Independence Day on 4, July (1776 the Declaration of Independence).
  • America has a democratic government.
  • USA Capital city- Washington D.C is a closely and neatly packed city on the Potomac River, bordering the states of Maryland and Virginia.
  • USA President- Donald John Trump
  • USA total area- 3,539, 224 square miles. The USA is the 3rd largest country in the world by population and 4th in the world by land area. Over 280,400,000 people live in the USA.
  • USA Currency-US dollar (USD or $)
  • Longest river system in the US-The Mississippi and Missouri Rivers
  • USA tallest mountain-Mt McKinley, located in the state of Alaska.[20,320 ft (6,194 m)]
  • US Language- English, and most of people speak Spanish.
  • US most populated city is-New York City, followed by Los Angeles and Chicago.
  • Olympic country code of America-USA
  • American Neil Armstrong is the first man to walk on the moon (July 21, 1969).
  • America Internet country code-us
  • The US has first number in the world to consume more petroleum than any other country.
  • The US most famous/popular team sports-American Football, Baseball, Basketball and Ice Hockey.

USA Facts For Kids about Travel-

  • Climatic zone Warm temperate climate
  • Flight times to Washington DC from London 7 hours, Sydney 22 hours, New York 1 hour.

USA Fact for Kids about Famous People-

  • Barack Obama (1961 -) 44th President of the United States
  • Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) Astronaut,
  • Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) Scientist, inventor
  • Martin Luther King (1929 -1968 ) Civil rights activist
  • Angelina Jolie (1975-) Actress

USA Facts for Kids About Festivals/Celebrations

  • Independence Day 4th July
  • Thanksgiving November
  • New Orleans Mardi Gras
  • Christmas Day
  • Halloween

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