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Importance of World Geography Quiz: World Geography General Knowledge (GK)

Hello Readers, Thanks for visiting our website. We hope that we will not disappoint you, we are presenting the topic you are searching on. This post has been written for world geography common sense, under which you have been told about all the important facts of the world. This world is very vast, which is made up of different types of geographical conditions. Many countries, forests, rivers, mountains and our whole universe belongs to the world. All these are made in their own places due to a particular geographical location. What makes our world, when it is made, and who has contributed in making it, all this is a secret for us. Our scientists are always ready to know all the movements in the world. Due to the different geographical conditions, we get to learn a lot more. The world’s most dense forest, in the view of the largest country area, the smallest country, the largest river, etc. all this belongs to the world general knowledge, we should have knowledge of all these. Planets satellites, galaxies, stars etc. are present in our universe, it is also important to have information about their status. The world’s geographical location is not uniform at all places, it is different everywhere. That’s why we are presenting you the important World Geographies GK Quiz. Various useful exams are asked questions about the geography of the world, so this post can prove beneficial for you. So look at this important World Geography G.K quiz, given by our team and take advantage of it. This will really work for you.

To understand the geographical situation of the world, it is very important for you to know the small part of it. Therefore our team is helping you to understand the world’s geography, through this web post, we are presenting Gk quiz about world geography.

List of Top 10 World Geography Quiz: World Geography GK

Qus: What is the Earth’s estimated circumference?
Ans: 40,000 km

Qus: What is the shape of the orbiting path of the earth around the sun?
Ans: Oval

Qus: What is the name of atmosphere near the earth’s layer?
Ans: Toposphere

Qus: What is the largest body orbiting the Sun?
Ans: Jupiter

Qus: What is the name of brightest planet in the solar system?
Ans: Venus

Qus: What is the hottest planet in our solar system?
Ans: Venus

Qus: What is the name of the planet orbiting the Sun at the slowest speed?
Ans: Plato

Qus: Which planet is known by the name of Evening star?
Ans: Venus

Qus: What is the name of Earth’s closest planet?
Ans: Venus

Qus: What is the nearest planet to the Sun?
Ans: Mercury Planet

Important World Geography Quiz- General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Qus: What is the natural planet of the Earth?
Ans: Moon

Qus: What is light years?
Ans: Average distance between earth and sun

Qus: What is the duration of the day on the equator?
Ans: 12 Hours

Qus: What causes tidal reflux in the sea?
Ans: From the Sun and the Moon’s Gravity

Qus: What is cyclone?
Ans: Heavy Winds and Rain

Qus: Where is the Pampas grasslands located?
Ans: South America

Qus: Kampala is the capital of which country?
Ans: Uganda

Qus: Where is the New Moore Island located?
Ans: Bay of Bengal

Qus: Where is Cuba located?
Ans: In the Atlantic Ocean

Qus: Where is the Niagara Falls located?
Ans: United States

Qus: Which is the largest river in Asia?
Ans: Yangtze

Qus: By which name was Cambodia first known?
Ans: Kampuchea

Test Your Geography Knowledge with the Help of World geography Quiz Questions Answers:

Qus: Land of Morning Tom is related to whom?
(a)Japan (b)Netherland (c)Taiwan (d)Korea

Ans: Korea

Qus: Which country is called ‘World’s Sugar Bowl’?
Ans: Cuba

Qus: Which country is known as ‘Land of Thunderbolt’?
Ans: Bhutan

Qus: What is the gate of tears?
Ans: Bab-el-Mandeb (Jerusalem)

Qus: Sick Man of Europe is the nickname of?
Ans: Turkish

Online World Geography Quiz Questions Answers 

Qus: Which of the following rivers is the largest river valley?
(a) Congo (b)Ganga
(c)Amazon (d)Nile
Ans: Amazon

Qus: Which is the second largest island in the world?
(a)Madagascar (b)New Guinea
(c)Great Britain (d)Victoria
Ans: New Guinea

Qus: Which country is the highest area in the world?
(a)Canada (b)Russia
(c)United States (d)China
Ans: Russia

Qus: Which river crosses the equator twice?
(a)Congo River (b)Amazon
(c)Ganga (d)Nile
Ans: Congo River

Qus: Where is Mount Everest located?
(a)India (b)Nepal
(c)china (d)Bhutan
Ans: Nepal

Qus: Which of the following largest river in the world by volume of water?
(a)kango (b)Ganga
(c)Amazon (d)None of these
Ans: Amazon

Qus: What is the name of the world’s biggest canal?
(a)Grand Canal (b)Baltic Sea Canal
(c)Suez Canal (d)None of these
Ans: Grand Canal

Qus: Which is the world’s highest mountain peak?
(a)Nanda devi (b)Nanga Parbat
(c)Mount Everest (d)None of these
Ans: Mount Everest

Multiple Choice World Geography GK Quiz

Qus: Which of the following is the world’s highest mountain range?
(a)The Himalayas and the Karakoram            (b)Andes
(c)Tibet                (d)None of these
Ans: The Himalayas and the Karakoram

Qus: Which country is the largest producer of asbestos in the world?
(a)China            (b)Japan
(c)India             (d)None of these
Ans: India

Qus: What is the name of the metal which found in abundance on the surface of the earth?
(a)Aluminum                (b)Iron
(c)Copper             (d)None of these
Ans: Aluminum

Qus: In which of the following countries, diamond is found in sufficient quantity?
(a)South Africa             (b)Russia
(c)Canada               (d)None of these
Ans: South Africa

Qus: Which of the following countries is the largest producer of tea?
(a)India         (b) Bhutan
(c)Tibt           (d)None of these
Ans: India

Qus: Rice is the main crop of which country?
(a)India           (b)Russia
(c)China         (d)Japan
Ans: China

Qus: What is the currency of Thailand?
(a)Lira           (b)Thai baht
(c)Dollar          (d)Kayat
Ans: Thai baht

Qus: Which planets has the most natural satellite?
(a)Jupiter         (b)Saturn
(c)Mars           (d)Earth
Ans: Jupiter

Qus: Where is Sahara Desert?
(a)South Africa           (b)North America
(c)Asia             (d)Europe
Ans: North America

Qus: What is the condition of the moon at the time of solar eclipse?
(a)Full moon          (b)Semi moon
(c)Neo chandra       (d)None of these
Ans: Full moon

Qus: In what direction is the orbiting the Earth?
(a)West to east          (b)North to South
(c)East to west            (d)None of these
Ans: West to east

Qus:Who discovered the sea route for India?
(a)Sir hopkins ne 1698         (b)Vasco Digama in 1498
(c)Magellan ne 1506 me         (d)None of these
Ans: Vasco Digama in 1498

Qus: Which of the following is tropical grassland?
(a)Prairies             (b)Steeps
(c)Savannah          (d)None of these
Ans: Savannah

Qus: Of the following, the temperate grassland of South America are called?
(a)Evergreen grassland            (b)Savannah
(c)Panpas               (d)None of these
Ans: Panpas

Qus: Which type of rock is found mainly in the Himalayan mountain ranges?
(a)Southeast           (b)Converting
(c)Sediment          (d)None of these
Ans: Sediment

Qus: Riyal is the currency of which country?
(a)Japan (b)Romania (c)Saudi arabia (d)None of these
Ans: Saudi arabia

Qus: Which country does not belong to the Caribbean group?
(a)Cuba            (b)Jordan
(c)Bermuda          (d)None of these
Ans: Jordan

Qus: Where is the Eiffel Tower located?
(a)Paris             (b)France
(c)Germany         (d)Italy
Ans: Paris

Qus: Where is the swing tower located?
(a) France (b) Germany (c) Paris (d)Italy
Ans: Italy

Qus: Which is the world’s tallest building?
(a)Imperial palace       (b)Sears Tower
(c)Eiffel tower        (d)None of these
Ans: Sears Tower

Qus: Who was the painter of Monalisa?
(a)Henry Smith             (b)F. A. Bartholdi
(c)Leonardo the vinci          (d)None of these
Ans: Leonardo da Vinci

Qus: Shora is the name of which country’s parliament?
(a)Iran          (b)Algeria
(c)Afghanistan         (d)None of these
Ans: Afghanistan

Qus: Reuters is the name of which country’s news agency?
(a)former Soviet Union (b)United States

(c)United Kingdom (d)Germany
Ans: United States

Qus: Qantas Airlines belongs to which country?
(a)Australia                (b)United Kingdom
(c)Italy                  (d)Switzerland
Ans: Australia

Qus: Which country has a newspaper named People’s Daily?
(a)China            (b)Pakistan
(c)Bangladesh        (d)None of these
Ans: China

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