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An art which enhances the writing. Calligrapher, uses broad-tipped instrument, brush, or other writing instrument. However it visually intensify the writing. These calligraphy quotes will provide you a better idea about the creativity.

Certainly you are an artist or thinking to become one. Eventually this beautiful art isn’t foolproof overnight. To begin with practicing everyday, you will improve your skills. Moreover, find your own style of calligraphy.

Checkout below calligraphy quotes compiled over the years by various calligraphy teachers, from books, magazines, and other sources.

Quotes – What is Calligraphy?

“Calligraphy is an art form that uses ink and a brush to express the very souls of words on paper.”
― Kaoru Akagawa

The qualities of letterforms at their best are the qualities of a classic time.
William Addison Dwiggins

Calligraphy: Disciplined freedom is the essence of it.
Raymond Da Boll

Calligraphy is the ultimate synthesis of what I love: language, art and human connection.
Joy Deneen

Always introduce a bit of imperfection, because calligraphy is made by the human hand, not a machine, and human imperfections will always be more appealing to humans than perfection.
Ina Saltz

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Do calligraphy which is more like your handwriting. Connect your letters in ways which no machine can do. This is the future of calligraphy.
Ina Saltz

Ultimately, what gets written is not words, but feeling, or what is written into the words is feeling. The hand writes the heart.
Steven Skaggs

The development of letters was a purely natural process in the course of which distinct and characteristic types were evolved and some knowledge of how these came into being will help us in understanding their anatomy and distinguishing good and bad forms.
Edward Johnston

For me, calligraphy is the physical revelation of the structure of the ideas; a reflection of the shape, texture and color of the phrases; and the integration of the words’ texture and color with their meanings.
Beth Lee

Always introduce a bit of imperfection, because calligraphy is made by the human hand, not a machine, and human imperfections will always be more appealing to humans than perfection.
Ina Saltz

The written letter is something personal, organic, unique, and spontaneous. It mirrors the character and the personality of the writer, and often his mood of the moment.
Emil Ruder

“Love for Calligraphy” Quotes

It should be the ambition of every penman to make his writing first clear, then graceful, and finally distinctive. It is in this last development that personality appears.
Edward Summers Squier, M.A. (1919 book)

The process of visualizing the words causes the meaning to go straight to my heart.
Timothy R. Botts

Artistic Writing is so attractive and pleasing to the eye that it is never likely to lose its popularity. The skill displayed in its execution creates wonder and holds most people by its fascination.
F.W. Tamblyn

Calligraphy has always existed in that place of tension between what the letterform desires: to be completely principled, and what the hand desires: infinite freedom of gesture.
Steven Skaggs

I look at lettering as a huge palette which includes calligraphy, type forms, and everything in between. The colours of that palette can be mixed into an infinite variety of blends.
Julian Waters

Calligraphy is a beautiful art in continuous transformation, and therefore new eyes are always needed to interpret it with respect.
Ernesto Murrau

The scribe strives for spontaneity, sometimes he sweats blood to make it look easy, for spontaneity is the lifeblood of calligraphy.
Ray Da Boll

Marks come alive when they are made with a sense of confidence, engagement, an unselfconscious tap into the flow that is somehow beyond yet also within the calligrapher.
Steven Skaggs

If art is the bridge between what you see in your mind’s eye and what the world sees, then skill is how you build that bridge.
Twyla Tharp

The advantage of drawing letters is that we can incorporate nuance. Nuance, rather than slavish precision, is what breathes life into our letters.
Peter Thornton

The man who works with his hands is a laborer. The man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman. The man who works with his hands, his brain, and his heart is an artist.
Louis Nizer

In the end, what matters most can be distilled to a set of three values: beauty, expression, and excellence. One can get a lot of mileage out of pursuing those three values. Let’s stay open and not let so-called “expressive calligraphy” be our only option.
John Stevens

Calligraphy Tips “Quotes”

Rather than rely on a cache of styles, learn at least a little about letterform modification.
John Stevens

Calligraphy is like crawling into a funnel from the wrong end: the farther you go, the more there is to learn and do. It is a never-ending source of pleasure.
Sheila Waters

Calligraphy is the most direct form of all artistic expression. Just as each movement of the dancer is absolute, so every gesture of the calligrapher is essential. It is not the meaning of the character but the writing — the movement of execution and the action itself — that is important.
Tseng Yu-ho Ecke

Motivation Calligraphy Sayings

Letters are symbols that turn matter into spirit.
Alphonse de Lamartine

All the other inspiration I need to design a calligraphy piece is found right in the text if I take the time to meditate on its meaning.
Timothy R. Botts

Every bottle of ink contains at least one good letter … and it’s at the bottom.
Peter Thornton

Calligraphy is about the confident gesture, the gracefully living mark made by a human being, which, unthwarted by additional parameters, speaks the universal language of the human spirit.
Steven Skaggs

There are no [calligraphy] authorities. Listen carefully, take notes, but believe only what you experience.
Tina Vickers

It is the words that are read, but the calligraphy that is felt.
Steven Skaggs

Bad calligraphy is making forms that are unsure, insecure, self-conscious, whereas good calligraphy unites the freedom of the hand with the mastery of tool and self in performance, whether letterforms be present or absent.
Steven Skaggs

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