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During 2001, adults and kids sitting together to watch the most lovely film, Shrek. The movie a animated flick released in 2001 is based on lovable green ogre. Besides him, a talking donkey. However, both of them are most humorous characters of the century. The Shrek quotes from first movie are quite famous with satire and laugh. Although, later three sequels were released.

The first movie is directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson. Starring Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, and Cameron Diaz, there are many classic moments in the series. Have you not seen the movie? It’s about an ogre who saves the princess from a dragon.

Here are few great hilarious Shrek quotes.

Shrek Quotes

Shrek Quote donkey

Shrek: (finally gets Donkey to cross the bridge) “That’ll do, Donkey. That’ll do.

Shrek: (to all the fairy tale creatures in his swamp) “What are you doing in my swamp?!!

Donkey: “All right, nobody moves! I got a dragon here, and I’m not afraid to use it! I’m a donkey on the edge!

“I used to be afraid of the dark until… No, wait. I’m still afraid of the dark.”

Shrek: “I live in a swamp! I put up signs! I’m a terrifying ogre! What do I have to do to get a little privacy?!”

Donkey: “Now I’m a-flyin’, talkin’ donkey! You might see a housefly. Maybe even a superfly. But I bet you ain’t never seen a donkey fly!

Magic Mirror: (showing Farquad the princesses) “Although she lives with seven other men, she’s not easy.

Old Lady: (speaking for Donkey while moving his lips) I can talk. I love to talk! I’m the talkin’est damn thing you ever saw.”
Captain: (over the woman) Get her outta my sight.

This is the part where you run away.
Shrek, whispering to the mob after roaring at them.”

Donkey: “I hope you heard that. She called me a noble steed. She thinks I’m a steed.”

Donkey: “You cut me deep, Shrek. You cut me real deep just now.”

Shrek 2

Shrek Quotes about love to fiona

Donkey, to Puss-in-Boots: “I’m sorry, the position of annoying talking animal has already been filled.

Fairy Godmother: “I don’t care whose fault this was, just get it sorted! And could someone please bring me something deep fat fried and smothered in chocolate…

Gingerbread Man: “Fire up the ovens, Muffin Man! We got a big order to fill.

Shrek: “The kingdom of FAR FAR Away, Donkey? That’s where we’re going! FAR! FAR!… away.

Gingerbread Man: “It looks like we’re up chocolate creek without a Popsicle stick!

Donkey: “Oh, Shrek. Don’t worry. Things just seem bad because it’s dark and rainy and Fiona’s father hired a sleazy hitman to whack you.

Shrek, The Third Quotes

Artie: “Help! I’m being kidnapped by a monster who’s trying to relate to me!

Queen Lillian, after smashing her head through the wall: “What? You didn’t think you inherited your fighting skills from your father?

Puss in Boots, to Donkey: How can you be a receiver of the wedgies, when you are clearly not a wearer of the underpants?

Donkey: [Reading Sign] Wer-sestor-shiray? Sounds fancy!
ShrekNo, it’s Worcestershire.
DonkeyLike the Sauce? Spicy!

Snow White: “Right! Ladies assume the position! [Sleeping Beauty falls asleep, Rapunzel sits on a high stool with her braid trailing, Snow White lies down in her coffin pose, and Cinderella seats herself on the floor gazing dreamily into space]”
Princess FionaWhat are you doing? 
Snow White: [exasperated] Waiting to be rescued!

Donkey: [Reading Sign] Wer-sestor-shiray? Sounds fancy!
ShrekNo, it’s Worcestershire.
DonkeyLike the Sauce? Spicy!

Shrek Quotes

Good Quotes

“Blue flower, red thorns. Man, this would be so much easier if I wasn’t color-blind!”

“I don’t have any toes! I think I need a hug.”

“Don’t mess with me. I’m the stair master.”

“I used to be afraid of the dark until… No, wait. And I’m still afraid of the dark.”

Shrek: “The kingdom of FAR FAR Away, Donkey? That’s where we’re going! FAR! FAR!… away.

“I ain’t gonna lie, you ARE ugly. But you only look like this at night, Shrek’s ugly 24/7.”

“I’m not a puppet! I’m a real boy!”

“Look at that. Who’d wanna live in a place like that?”

“I know you probably hear this all the time from your food, but you must bleach or something ’cause that’s one dazzling smile you got there!”

“Now hand over that big rock, the one that looks like your head.”

“Parfaits may probably be the most delicious thing on the whole dang planet!”

“It is lovely! You know, you’re really quite a decorator. Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.”

“That’s right fool! Now I’m a flying talking donkey!”

“Well, I have a bit of a confession to make: donkeys don’t have layers. We were our fear right there on our sleeves.”

Shrek Funniest Quotes

“Do You Think He’s Maybe Compensating For Something?”

“Donkey, You Have The Right To Remain Silent. What You Lack Is The Capacity.”

“Well, That’s Not Very Nice. It’s Just A Donkey.”

“That’ll Do, Donkey. That’ll Do.”

Donkey, to Shrek (after seeing him naked): Aahh! You know, you really need to get yourself a pair of jammies!

“Ogres Are Like Onions.”
Shrek: NO! LAYERS! Onions have layers. OGRES have layers. Onions have layers… you get it. We both have layers.

“There’s A Stack Of Freshly Made Waffles In The Middle Of The Forest! Don’t You Find That A Wee Bit Suspicious?”

“Look At Him In His Wee Li’l Boots! Y’know, How Many Cats Can Wear Boots? Honestly?”

“It’s Time To Pack Up Your Toothbrush And Jammies. You’re The New King Of Far Far Away.”

“What Are You Doing In My Swamp!?”

“I’m An Ogre! You Know, ‘Grab Your Torch And Pitchforks!’ Doesn’t That Bother You?”

“Someday, I Will Repay You. Unless, Of Course, I Can’t Find You Or If I Forget.”

Princess Fiona: You didn’t slay the dragon?
Shrek: It’s on my to-do list. Now come on.
Princess Fiona: But this isn’t right. You’re meant to charge in, sword drawn, banner flying that’s what all the other knights did.
Shrek: Yeah, right before they burst into flame.

“A Cute, Button Nose? Thick, Wavy Locks? Taut, Round Buttocks?”

“You’re Going The Right Way For A Smacked Bottom.”

“Actually, It’s Quite Good On Toast.”

Shrek Quotes about Friendship and about love

Shrek: Fiona? Are you all right?
[Fiona looks at herself, and sees she is still an ogre]
Princess Fiona: Yes. But, I don’t understand. I’m supposed to be beautiful.
Shrek: But you are beautiful.

Donkey: We can stay up late, swapping manly stories, and in the morning, I’m making waffles!”

Wow! Only a TRUE friend would be that cruelly honest.”

Shrek: [to Donkey] WHY…are you following me?
Donkey: I’ll tell you why. [sings] ‘Cause I’m all alone. There’s no one here beside me. My problems have all gone. There’s no one to deride me! But ya gotta have friends!
Shrek: Stop singing! Well, it’s no wonder you don’t have any friends.
Donkey: Wow! Only a true friend would be that truly honest.
Shrek: Listen, little donkey. Take a look at me, what am I?
Donkey: Uh… [looks Shrek up and down] Really tall?
Shrek: No! I’m an ogre! You know, “Grab your torch and pitchforks!” Doesn’t that bother you?
Donkey: [shakes his head happily] Nope.
Shrek: [surprised] Really?
Donkey: Really really.

Lord Farquaad: Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

Donkey (before passing out): I’m coming Elizabeth!

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